I might get the guitar for a good price. It seems like a good value for the price i'm looking at, but it has sd jb/59s in it. Is it easy to switch them out for the emg 81/85s? I have no clue when it comes to guitar hardware stuff. Also how much would it cost to buy emg 81/85s and essential items and have them replace it? Thanks!!
Well, you're going from passive P/Us to active, so you'll need to rout a battery compartment and possibly make your control cavity larger, so it's not as easy to swap as you think.

You'll probably need to go to a shop to get it done, cause if you mess it up, you've made mods to your guitar that are complicated to fix.
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The costs you can easily search from various stores. The setup shouldn't cost much as EMGs are fairly easy to install, they come with a good manual for installing and anyone who has done it a few times can do it on any guitar.

Make sure that you have enough space for the battery in your control cavity or then make a new one for it, but that'll cost you more. I run EMGs well on my Gibson LP Studio and I've got them 18v modded, which just means that they're running with two 9v batteries.
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There should be enough room in the cavity with the pots for the battery. When you buy EMGs new, they come with everything you need to install them, except the 9v battery. Everything that comes with the EMGs is solderless. You just have to plug in cables where the diagram says. Not very difficult.