Hi. Newb here. I recently bought my first valve/tube amp. I noticed that the Laney Cub 12 had a less that 1 watt option and thought it would be quiet enough to get a nice tone without annoying the neighbours. I was wrong. Haha. I got about ten mins.

I looked into ways I may be able to reduce the volume and still get the tone I was after and came across this youtube video of someone plugging a pair of old headphones into the FX Send/Line Level Out, which cuts the volume to what is a workable level for residential use. I have the combo version and it seems to work, however I'm new to valve amps (and amps generally as mostly I play acoustic, except for using a combo belonging to the guy who runs the place where I jam with my friends) and don't want to wreck my new amp in the process of keeping the neighbours sweet.

If someone could kindly be able to let me know if this kind of a "mod" is safe or not, and if not then how else I may go about reducing the volume of my amp and still getting the tone I'm after. (I'm planning on using it to play a bit of blues and stoner rock).

Thanks for reading

Your neighbours are assholes.

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Haha. He was actually pretty reasonable about it. Said his brother plays and suggested we work out a schedule so as not to bother each other. If push comes to shove I might have to but I'd rather just play when I want to without annoying anybody including my girlfriend. I've been playing a couple of years now and mostly acoustic even though my interest lies in playing bluesy metal, since my solid state practice amp sounded crappy for that.

Do you know if plugging an old pair of headphones into the fx loop with nothing returning will damage my amp?
i haven't checked your owners manual but i would suspect that it's not good for your amp to run that way.

it's not labled "headphones / FX send" is it?
No. Hence why I asked. This guy on the internet is doing so, and the headphones are not being used, just abused to cut the output from the speaker down. I'm not clueless enough to follow the advice of someone on the internet....

Hang on a minute...