looking for a cheap practice amp, thats good for playing djent/thall types, so a few effects is not a bad thing, i think i pretty much assume that the cheapest option would be a solid state, rather than valve, something that can carry drop G#/Ab tuning on a 7 string, i have a dinky jackson, so it's not amazing gear, but i have no amp at all currently, just looking for something to play with on my own really, nothing overly powerful, but that sounds good, any suggestions?
How budget is "budget"?
A lot of guys usually go for either a Roland Cube, Peavey Vypyr or Line 6 Spider as their first budget, solid state amp. I don't recommend the Line 6, though.
okay, i'm guessing, £150 max? if it was like less than £100, i would be super happy, i don;t mind looking around for like second hand stuff also, so long as it's in good nick
i've had a line 6 and a peavey, and i do agree that i would not be getting a line 6, to me i think it sounds pretty horrid!
Well, the Roland Cube 20xl, and Peavey Vypyr 15 are both real cheap and have a shit tonne of gain and effects for you to play about with. You might even want to try the 40 and 30 watt versions!
The Marshall MG series might come up in this discussion too, but again, I wouldn't recommend.
The Roland cube is what I use for practice and its gets some pretty serious gain for a small amp.
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I'd recommend a fender mustang i or ii. Both are great sounding amps for low volume play.
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Well, a used Peavey Vypyr 30 would be what I would buy at that price point, and a Roland Cube would be a good consideration, too.

Do you plan on gigging or jamming with a drummer in the future at all? If so, a Peavey Vypyr Tube 60 can be bought for about $250 used from Guitar Center, and I woud HIGHLY recommend opting for that one out of all of these, but I realize it's out of your budget. However, the Tube 60 has a few more features and has the Tube power section of a 6505, so if you do any jamming with a drummer or playing live, this amp will have you covered in terms of volume.
I wouldn't recommend the Mustang for anything like Djent, but I'm not a big Djent fan, nor have I tried to play it on a Mustang, but they generally aren't good for anything Metal or close to it. They're good for low-gain type classic rock.