For anyone here who is interested, I have created a Reddit page dedicated to promoting new bands, their albums, gigs and so on.

It's called http://www.reddit.com/r/hearmeout/

So far, no one is on it.. but who knows? maybe it will grow.

I hope I put this in the right UG forum section
Green day.. Rammstein... I have weird musical taste
Sounds like an awesome opportunity. Would you be interested in kicking it off with my solo project perhaps?


If you need help finding artists, I can certainly recommend a few friends as well.
Aww, people aren't posting. I'll keep the subreddit open if you guys want to submit your band to it, but I think it failed

By the way, you guys are supposed to put your band there, not me!
Green day.. Rammstein... I have weird musical taste
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I have posted my band on your page! We are called Valley Haze, we're an acoustic band with a real classic sound that has compared to the songwriting of such giants as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, even Elton John, but of a very original style. I'm not too familiar with reddit, actually I made my username specifically to post my band on "hearmeout", but for those of you who wish to check out our music, you can listen/download for free at http://valleyhaze.bandcamp.com/

Mike Mellen (Lead singer/songwriter)