I want to improve on my skills at guitar so what I ve decided to do is learn these one hundred songs(songlist below) but can a MASTER GUITAR PLAYER put these songs in order from EASIEST to HARDEST for me? I do understand its a daunting task but it'd be much appreciated!

1 Stairway To Heaven Led Zeppelin Mp3
2 Smoke on the Water Deep Purple Mp3
3 Sweet Child O' Mine Guns & Roses Mp3
4 Wanted Dead Or Alive Bon Jovi Mp3
5 Layla Eric Clapton Mp3
6 Black Magic Woman Santana Mp3
7 No More Mr. Nice Guy Alice Cooper Mp3
8 Beat It Michael Jackson Mp3
9 Crazy Train Ozzy Osbourne Mp3
10 Dr. Feelgood Motely Crue Mp3
11 Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana Mp3
12 Sweet Home Alabama Lynyrd Skynyrd Mp3
13 Cowboys From Hell Pantera Mp3
14 Enter Sandman Metallica Mp3
15 Mister Sandman Chet Atkins Mp3
16 One Step Closer Linkin Park Mp3
17 Back In Black AC/DC Mp3
18 Purple Haze Jimi Hendrix Mp3
19 Black Dog Led Zeppelin Mp3
20 Crazy On You Heart Mp3
21 Immigrant Song Led Zeppelin Mp3
22 Bulls On Parade Rage Against the Machine Mp3
23 Unchained Van Halen Mp3
24 Bad To The Bone George Thorogood Mp3
25 Johnny B. Goode Chuck Berry Mp3
26 Surfing with the Alien Joe Satriani Mp3
27 Money For Nothing Dire Straits Mp3
28 Cult Of Personality Living Colour Mp3
29 Start Me Up Rolling Stones Mp3
30 Sunshine of your Love Cream Mp3
31 Runnin' with the Devil Van Halen Mp3
32 Hells Bells AC/DC Mp3
33 Foxy Lady Jimi Hendrix Mp3
34 Frankenstein The Edgar Winter Group Mp3
35 Aqualung Jethro Tull Mp3
36 In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida Iron Butterfly Mp3
37 Carry On Wayward Son Kansas Mp3
38 (Don't Fear) The Reaper Blue Oyster Cult Mp3
39 Cemetary Gates Pantera Mp3
40 Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love Van Halen Mp3
41 Walk This Way Aerosmith Mp3
42 Tonight 'm Gonna Rock You (Tonight) Spinal Tap Mp3
43 Life in the Fast Lane Eagles Mp3
44 Come As You Are Nirvana Mp3
45 Zero Smashing Pumpkins Mp3
46 Nothin' But A Good Time Poison Mp3
47 Round n Round Ratt Mp3
48 It's Not Love Dokken Mp3
49 Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo Rick Derringer Mp3
50 Norwegian Wood Beatles Mp3
51 Under The Bridge Red Hot Chili Peppers Mp3
52 Kashmir Led Zeppelin Mp3
53 Train Kept A-Rolling The Yardbirds Mp3
54 Blackbird Beatles Mp3
55 Eye of the Tiger Survivor Mp3
56 All Along the Watchtower Jimi Hendrix Mp3
57 Brown Eyed Girl Van Morrison Mp3
58 Ace Of Spades Motorhead Mp3
59 Breaking The Law Judas Priest Mp3
60 King of the Hill Theme Brian David Blush/Roger Meade Clyne Mp3
61 All Right Now Free Mp3
62 Are You Gonna Go My Way Lenny Kravitz Mp3
63 When I Come Around Green Day Mp3
64 Trilogy Suite Op.5 Yngwie Malmsteen Mp3
65 Born To Run Bruce Springsteen Mp3
66 Pretty Woman Roy Orbison Mp3
67 Day Tripper Beatles Mp3
68 Panama Van Halen Mp3
69 Born To Be Wild Steppenwolf Mp3
70 More Than A Feeling Boston Mp3
71 Cat Scratch Fever Ted Nugent Mp3
72 Bark At The Moon Ozzy Osbourne Mp3
73 Hair Of The Dog Nazareth Mp3
74 No More Tears Ozzy Osbourne Mp3
75 Just A Girl No Doubt Mp3
76 Iron Man Black Sabbath Mp3
77 Sweet Emotion Aerosmith Mp3
78 Pride And Joy Stevie Ray Vaughn Mp3
79 Sharp Dressed Man ZZ Top Mp3
80 Machine Head Bush Mp3
81 Black Or White Michael Jackson Mp3
82 Sultans Of Swing Dire Straits Mp3
83 Hey Joe Jimi Hendrix Mp3
84 Whole Lotta Love Led Zeppelin Mp3
85 10 Years Gone Led Zeppelin
87 Owner of a lady Yes
86 Wild Thing The Troggs
88 Magic Carpet Ride Steppenwolf
89 I Love Rock N ' Roll Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
90 Brown Sugar Rolling Stones
91 La Bamba Los Lobos
92 China Grove Doobie Brothers
93 You Really Got Me Van Halen
94 Wipe Out The Surfaris
95 House Of The Rising Sun The Animals
96 Dust In The Wind Kansas
97 Rhiannon Fleetwood Mac
98 Susie Q Creedence Clearwater Reviva
99 Voodoo Child Jimi Hendrix
100 Eruption Van Halen

Pick one and learn it. This is subjective and really too much.
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