Want your music to be featured on a popular music website? I'm currently getting more than ten thousand hits on my site each month, and I am working on increasing that number exponentially.

Eventually I am going to charge for advertising, but for now since I'm still trying to build the site, I'd be happy to feature promotional articles / press releases for your band or your music at no cost. You just need to supply me with a 200+ word promo piece with at least one picture, and preferably some links to your music/youtube/soundcloud/etc., and I'll get it posted up on the site.

All I ask is in return is that you tweet the link to your promo piece to all your friends, share/post it on facebook, and put a link to it on your site if you have one. This is all stuff you'd want to do anyways, so win-win. It'd be great if you would Like and +1 the site, too.

If you want to be featured, feel free to respond to this thread, or PM me, or even better hit me up at info@creativeedgemusic.com.
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