Hey guys, it's been a long time since I made a post, but I've had this idea rollin around the back of my head and I figured you could point me in the right direction...

I'd like to build a suitcase amp. Which is pretty straight forward...
BUT for added fun I'd like to put the amp in the main boxy part of the suitcase, and a pedalboard in the lid. Oh also I want the amp and speaker(s), not just the head. AND I think it needs to be fairly portable but powerful, reasonable weight (less than 60LBS)

and maybe I'll build it all from vintage parts and build the suitcase myself so it fits more nicely...

Here's the game plan:
-vintage tube radio as an amp
-possibly vintage speaker
-custom built suitcase and pedalboard

Am I sounding a little ambitious now? I think so, but that's why I'm here, I can't do it alone, I'm way to stupid and untalented.

So here's where you come in...
1. I'm looking for a speaker(possibly vintage) that isn't very deep(the magnet has to nest ontop of my wah and volume pedals without making the suitcase too deep)

2. I need suggestions for vintage radios that are both available(meaning I can get my hands on one fairly easily) and powerful. One of the purposes of this build is to show how a vintage tube radio is a very cheap alternative to a tube guitar amp.

3. Encouragement. I have a nasty habit of starting things and never finishing them, so if you can come over and whack me upside the head with a badminton racket when I'm getting lazy, or at least chime in with some positive thoughts, that would be greatly appreciated.

If this thing gets off the ground I will start a youtube series for it and keep this thread updated.

Anyway...what do you guys think?

Here's my rough sketch of how it should look:

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If you do use a radio, which I wouldn't recommend, find one with a power transformer. The old 'all american five' radios are dangerous to hack a signal into (they all have plastic cases for a reason, SHOCK HAZZARD) as well as plain quiet. I have one that I put a three prong cord on as well as an isolation transformer. Almost more of an FU to the people who say it can't be done than anything. It works, doesn't sound that amazing though. And I haven't killed myself with it... yet haha.

What I'd recommend is to try and find a small tube PA amp, they can be had cheap and are much much better suited for your use. Now there might be some changes that'd be good to do to the input stage to set the impedance up right for guitar, but other than that, that'd work awesome. Also, I have a friend who built a pedalboard from a suitcase, it's really neat.
This is one of the coolest ideas ever.
I was actually thinking about making my own pedalboard about an hour ago and I have an old briefcase that my mum kept her knives in, thanks for the idea!
I really wish I had anything to contribute
Once you get stuck into it I will definitely show all of my friends, there's a tiny bit of motivation for you.