The first track "Enlighten Me" seemed very complete to me, no need for improvements. I listened to it with headphones like you said and that bassline really made me hooked to the song. That alone made it catchy and a good listen. I liked the chorus too.

The second track "You Are So" was good to but i feel like the vocals were a little confusing to me, i couldnt understand the words, the vocal placement was catchy and where it needs to be, but i just couldnt make out the words hehe , i really liked how you made it a little instumental in some parts, but again the first track outshines the second but there both great in mix/production and song structure.
Enlighten Me - Solid track! The instruments compliment each other very nicely. It's got a very industrial sort of sound to it. Vocals were well performed, and the melodies were sweet as hell. Some things that I personally would have changed, maybe cutting back on the delay on the vox a bit and making the bass a little less percussive sounding. I'm sure your aim was probably to make the bass seem more like part of the drum beat, my personal preference would be to have those notes ring out just a bit more. Overall, very well done, nothing bad to say about the mixing or production value. Keep it up!

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You are so: I LOVE the intro beyond belief. One of the coolest things ive ever heard. I love the overall feel of this track. The vocals sound perfect over the backing, very unexpected too after that intro. They are the opposite of what i would have thought would have went over that. BUT they fit perfectly. Genius song. I love it!

Enlighten me: Another awesome intro. I love the bass. The drums sound so huge. Vocals sound very trippy haha i dig it man. The composition on this one is great overall. I love how it kinda evolves. Another great song.

I cant say anything negative about either of these songs. DEF. 2 of my favs ive heard by you. Keep it up man! Love hearing your stuff. Its always awesome and different.
You Are So was pretty cool. The intro was awesome. I was not expecting the vocals, but they definitely make the whole song better. This isn't music I normally listen to, so I can't say alot more besides I really enjoyed it and I honestly wasn't really expecting to, so good job man!
"Enlighten Me" - Very thematic sounding song, almost reminds me vaguely of Metroid when it doesnt have the vocals. The vocals themselves could use a bit of compression as they get significantly louder at times, too much so. Really like the synth lead at around 2:40 in, very cool! The ending again helps with the whole thematic vibe. Overall I don't hear any sort of issues with the song or production, both sound very good; the only thing that I see as strange is the ending, but I have a hunch you have something in mind with that ending.
Do you intend on writing movie or game soundtracks? I've listened to your stuff before and the stuff I've heard all sound very cinematic and soundtrack-y; you definitely have a gift for that.
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Thank you for your comments, I appreciate it! If someone made me an offer to have my music in a movie or soundtrack or video game I would be interested. I have not spent much time in pursuing that though. That might be a full time job. I know this fellow (more of a friend of a friend) that has made at least one low budget movie and has had small acting parts in some big movies (like "That Thing You Do" with Tom Hanks, and "L.A. Confidential"). He once expressed some interest in putting some of my music in a movie he was working on (don't think it ever got finished). Though he is seriously into Satan worship (not kidding!), and that movie he made had to do with that. I wouldn't want my music associated with that sort of thing.
good stuff as always, Enlighten me was sweet as hell the change in dynamics gave me chills and the bassline was really catchy, the second one was a little weirder but i like that, the drums were my fav in that song, i couldnt get into the vox on that one tho, overall great work tho go crit one of my newer mixes!
I gave 'Enlighten Me' a listen. It's really cool man, I actually saw Gary Numan live live last year, he was ****ing awesome! I only mention that because I assume he's an influence of yours

This track was awesome, I really liked the vocals, everything mixed in well and your use of the choir in the background worked particularly well.

I had an idea - a section where the vocals weren't quite so delayed, to provide a contrast. I felt like maybe a spoken-word section would fit in well, for example at 3:55-4:15 of Gary Numan's 'Are Friends Electric?'. What d'you think about that?

C4C if you don't mind buddy, here's my thread: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=31045713#post31045713
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Thank you for the comments! I appreciate it! Gary Numan is one of my favorite synth-oriented bands, and somewhat of an influence. Gary Numan has an interesting android-like speaking part in "Are Friends Electric?" (somewhat like his appearance when he was younger) that fits the song. I don't think my speaking voice is nearly as interesting as Numan's, and often I am appalled at hearing my own speaking voice (which I think is a common reaction for people and androids alike). I suppose it could work, though I don't know if I would like hearing myself talk. If I did, I'd probably put some weird effects on my voice. Cheers!
One thing I definitely need to criticise is the production, especially the bass. I can understand that if you don't have a bass guitar, getting a good bass tone is very dificult, but it still needs to be stated in such a bass-heavy song, that the bass tone needs to be much better.

All in all, the main problem with this track are the synth and VST sounds, but the composition is pretty solid.
I'll review "Enlighten me". First of all the bass is pretty bad. And the "choir" in the backround sounds kinda awful too. But those are both sound quality issues, they fit the song well. Like i've said before i'm not into this type of music but i imagine this would work well in a movie or a video game etc. But overall the composition is good, man!
Very good stuff man, while it isn't necessarily my cup of tea, you are very talented at your compositions. I do agree with CoreysMonster that the Bass tones could be a bit better. But all in all it is very cool stuff.
I will review eighten me since it was my favorite. Is this all sampeled or do you play anything? Anyway, bass riff hass a vive in between rush and king crimson. The vocals really make this shine. The melodies leave me unable to decide if its happy or sad.
You Are So...

Nice bit of electro there. Liking the bass line alot, nice groove to it.
What is you song writing process? You always seem to have good continuity and flow between each song. I think that's great! You have a sound. Something I'd love to have.

I wanted to hear 'Enlighten Me' but it wouldn't play. So I can't comment on that one.

Review my clips here.
Checked out "Enlighten Me", and damn that bassline is catchy.

It seems to have a bit of an 80's feel, which I don't normally go for, but you added some kind of dirty psychadelics(?) to it that really made it catch my attention. Good job man, can't wait to hear more from you.
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Thank you for your reviews! I appreciate it! I can play guitar & electric bass & a little bit of harmonica, but both of the songs are instrumentally (including drums) all Roland synth module or Korg synth module (they both play back samples). I took piano lessons for 5 years when I was young, so I'm decent on keyboards. I played everything (including drum stuff) manually on keyboards, and then clean up the timing with a sequencer (on these 2 songs). Sometimes I will insert more notes using the sequencer. Some people may not like certain synth sounds from some of my older synths, but I like 80's music (and 60's, 70's & 90's, and some newer stuff), so certain things that I like may sound dated to others. I just noodle around on my instruments until I come up with something I like, and build on top of that. Lots of trial & error & experimentation. I probably spend about 40 hours total per song for the whole process of writing & recording. Almost always, I have at least a basic drum beat, some bass, or guitar, or synth riffs worked out before I work on anything vocal.