Two places to go to hear this, and I'll list the gear I use to record with.


(It's the first tune on the list)

[forbidden link]

Tascam 2488neo 24 track DAW

ZOOM MRS 802B (only used to process guitar signal..explained below)

Yamaha DTXpressIII electronic drum kit

Custom Fender Strat, Dean 4 string bass

Tracks 1-2 - drums (stereo)

Track 3 - bass

Tracks 4-5 rhythm guitars panned hard 65 L/R

Tracks 6-7 lead "vocal" guitar lines verse/chorus sections

Track 8 lead break guitar

For mastering, I used the onboard stuff on the Tascam. Basically the multiband compressor. If you'd like to know particulars, I can provide that.

The guitar signal is lined straight in. I had an older ZOOM MRS 802B, and it's got COSM built in. I've been able to get my sound almost identical to how I sound live with it. So I basically line straight out of that and into the 2488. I didn't think it would actually work, but it did and I've been using it since.

Now....go ahead and rip me apart.
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Not sure why links are forbidden. But the 2nd one is a youtube link for it.

Oh well.,
Awesome song man. I love the melody lines, they remind me a bit of satriani. The little pentatonic solos throughout are awesome as well. Good feeling to everything. The only thing i dont like, is some of the early vibratos dont sound that good. BUT as the song progresses they sound better. I REALLY love that melody, its very catchy. Great job man!