I have a trans blue Charvel Pro A for sale.
It's a great playing guitar, and it is like new.
I picked it up a while ago, and honestly, It's not my style. For what I play, I don't need a floyd rose.
I need to get an OD and finish my project guitar.
It has never left the house since I've got it.

I'm looking for a Maxon 808 + cash for a trade.

Check out Louisville craigslist for pics.
I can't ship, so local pick up only, or I'll meet up for a trade.
Guitar gear used:
LTD EC-1000 Sunburst (jb/'59)
'94 Peavey Reactor EMG loaded
Eleven Rack
Crown XLS1000
Avatar Traditional 2x12
Carvin Neo 2x10 and 1x15
Spaun Drum Kit