Hey guys, back for a bit more. I have this song Chasing The Sunrise that I could really use some feedback on. C4C as always.

One of the big things I'm looking for is some advice on the beginning. I had the idea to use an organ to introduce the song from a dissonant chord, but I'm scraping at the 5 minute mark (With a bit of intro silence, the organ would take longer than that), and it would put the vocals back a bit far. Still a good idea, or should I just KISS?

Here's the track, look forward to your input!


EDIT: Version with vocals added in:

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I like most of the piano except for a part or 2 that sounds discordant to me. Actual piano playing is good. Same for the guitar riffs. Audio quality is good. I like the drums for the most part. I like most of the song. Ending is abrupt, but I'm sure that was on purpose. Please review my music at this link:

I really enjoyed this. The guitar and piano mixed very well. The vocals could have sat a little bit better in the mix, but it wasn't a huge problem and I liked the melody.

I don't think the organ would fit in, honestly. It's a melodic song, and introducing it with a dissonant chord from an organ just seems.... unnecessary to me. I enjoy it the way it is.

Also, if you wanna hear my take on piano sounds, would you mind checking out my stuff?
Hey thanks for the comments!
I'm listening to the version with vocals.

Honestly the song itself sounds great, the only things I'd change is lower the left guitar channels volume slightly, as well as the vocals, and add a bit of reverb. The vocals themselves are great! The composition is also great. The only thing is the second and first halves could just be entirely different songs. Have you considered splitting those two and working on each as individual songs? I feel like that could work really well. Either way, really great song you've got overall. Production is very good too!
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i'm a fan of the outro bit, pretty mccartney. you should do a whole song around that

... nice voice! vox is too prominent in the mix. i don't like the amount of delay on the lead guitar, and i didn't like how one side of the rhythm guitar wasn't as loud as the other. recording lacked the little tweaks that maybe a more seasoned home recording enthusiast would've applied, tweaks which may or may not be found in third party vst software. just sounds like you recorded the stuff, then mixed it, the exported it without any modifications to the sound at all, and that's boring for me. ... research some effects, and mixing and mastering vst's (like sonalksis, voxengo, nomad factory, softube, waves, izotope, kjaerhus, cytomic etc) and put some balls in your recordings.