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35 47%
like a lil sissy girl
11 15%
I don't get startled ****** **** you
28 38%
Voters: 74.
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I scream like a MAN when I get startled. I know some dudes that sound like lil babbys when they get scared tho, I expect the pit to be the same
Surprisingly, no.

This was put to the test this morning when I was in the shower. My brother came back to our apartment, opened the bathroom door and yelled "SUP DUDE" (mid shampooing, when you are at your most vulnerable, fyi) and freaked me the fuck out.
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I don't scream unless its jokingly, which, yes, its girly.

To scream a deep manly scream, you'd need a lot of force. In which case you're way more startled than any man should ever be.
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My friends all make fun of me because of that and my laughter... The most recent event that made me scream like a girl was my friend driving at like 60 mph in a super narrow and dangerous road when I saw an incoming car I screamed.... very girly and high pitched.
I generally just exclaim "holy ****", or "holy shit" rather than scream
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I don't scream, I grunt.
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I had a worm fall from the ceiling of my last apartment on to my hand at 2am while I was looking at UG while a huge moth/worm hybrid was flying into my face while another worm crawled from the rug and to my feet.

I screamed in manly terror. Im so glad to have moved from that shithole.
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I manage to do both in sequence. My scream cycle is man-girl-man. Apparently I sound like Tarzan.
Nah. I usually just jump a bit when startled.
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I can't even do a falsetto, so I couldn't scream like a girl even if it was my natural instinct to.

Y'all caint EVEN handle this!
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I don't really scream, period. Last time somebody startled me I went "oh shhhhhh" like I was going to say oh shit but never finished.
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I don't think I've ever screamed. I've definitely jumped a bit, but not yell.
But with my deep voice, I'd imagine I wouldn't.
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Unfortunately I do not sound like a woman in any way in regards to vocal timbrality.
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Nope, don't have that high pitched scream. I could do it jokingly as a kid, but now it's all "OH SHIT" and "WHAT THE ****" with me when I'm startled.
Depends. If I'm playing a game or something and I know I'm safe then it gets high-pitched.

If I'm in real life and something scares me I usually jump back and let out a manly bellow.
I rarely get startled, but when I do I tend to go "Oh shit!" rather than just screaming.
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I rarely get startled, but when I do I tend to go "Oh shit!" rather than just screaming.


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No. Just a gasp and "oh my god" if I'm startled. But if someone tries to tickle me...


(minus the happiness)
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If I get startled, its like a loud "uhhh"
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