Hi everyone,

I'm David, from Malta. I've been a member since I think 2010, but I never got into the whole forum thing xD

I had posted a review or 2 at that time but whoa I've forgotten!

Currently my collection is this:

13 pedals - delay, wah, compressor, EQ,etc
9 electric guitars, various shapes, sounds and mods - made about 5 myself
8 acoustic/classical guitars
3 amps: Randall 15 W, Randall RG75R, Randall RM50 all tube head with MTS modules
2 basses
1 ukelele
1 bouzouki (traditional greek stringed instrument - kinda like a mandolin)
1 doubleneck - made this myself :p

..............and a partridge in a pear tree xD

I've recorded several things, but I'm unsure as to when/where I can post them. All in good time I guess

Hope I'll be welcomed here!

You can post your recordings to your profile here - alternatively set yourself up on soundcloud.

There's a forum for discussing recordings, with sub-forums for posting links to your covers & originals for criticism.

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