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I just had a question for anybody online that is in college going towards some kind of art degree.
i recently looked into the art institute (dulles washington specifically) and got non stop calls and even visited the school (which seemed ok? I havn't been in a school environment for about 5 years) but i read online that it was a for profit school that was merely a scam and only wanted students in to make money and that the school didnt really have much to offer. (and an overpriced degree as well).
Im pretty sure financially my family can afford me going to an art school but only if its worth the time and money going there. I'm currently looking into getting an associates in graphic design with a real goal of being a concept artist in mind. (I'm really going there for the knowledge and connections) but if the school is just a sham like people say I'd really rather not. please let me know if anyone here is familiar with the school and have some help as far as pursuing a career in the arts goes. thank you in advance - All Devas : )
If it's for-profit, don't even bother. In the DC area there is Corcoran.

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For profit schools are the best schools.
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Why would you go to a school thats telling you up front its there for your money?

Because they are honest, and honesty is respectable.
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You can take certain classes in order to fulfill your needs. However getting a major in graphics design also means you need to take some classes to fulfill the major.
My recommendation is to take a few graphic design classes and some concept art classes.
But there are a lot of tutors or schools out there that can also help you out with these things. It's not that the ART institute is a scam, but all colleges kind of scam you from money.
First thing, concept art and graphic design are two very distinct things. If you pursue one degree, taking those extra classes for concept art will add to the cost of the original degree.

Some AI schools are known for producing talent but not all. If your family can afford it, great but if you have to take out loans, get ready. Those schools are expensive.
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i recently looked into the art institute

"art institute schools are garbage" - Art professor

Go to a real art school if you want the full experience. Get ready to pay out the ass, however.
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I go to an art school in the UK. Personally I don't think I'm getting the knowledge or contacts that I should be getting for the money I'm paying.
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My semi-lady friend goes to an art school in Minnesota, and I'm pretty sure she's not making any important contact unless she just needs people to party with when she graduates.
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My semi-lady friend goes to an art school in Minnesota, and I'm pretty sure she's not making any important contact unless she just needs people to party with when she graduates.

That describes MN art schools pretty well...

Really, if you want to go to an Art School, TS, don't go to an "institute". Go to an actual university which has a specialized art program.