this strat is listed locally, it is beautiful but i am not sure if the price is good. What do you all think? (if you don't want to bother with the link it is an ocean blue 1998 USA strat for $800)
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It is ok. You could get a higher grade of strat off GuitarCenter's used site though. I think I saw an American Deluxe on there for about the same price.
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Especially because 90s gear is just "used" rather than "vintage" I think you could at least knock off $75, and that's being conservative. Shoot him lower than you'd be willing to pay for it because they always counter higher than your offer. I got a used 2012 last august for that price. Unless it is some sort of rare color (which I've never really seen this color on a Fender). Just my two cents... not worth a whole lot eh?

x2 on offering $650

But, If you look around in "certain places" you could get a new one for around that price. I just got a brand new 2012 USA strat for around $850 if that puts things into perspective...
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