Hey dudes. so i think the neck on my best guitar is warped. Why i think this is because for one thing, there is a very noticeable bow, and i get a ton of fret buzz no matter how much i adjust everything. I think it's because of my lack of knowledge on guitar care that this happened. for one thing, my laziness made me lean it against my amp all the time, instead of hanging it on my wall stands, and another is i upped the string gauge after i bought it and didn't know you have to adjust the truss rod and stuff. Well, anyways, is there any home-DIY way i can fix this? My friend told me i have to take it in for repair, but it'll be pricey. Also, how can i make sure this doesn't happen again?
if its warped like twised your kinda screwed

but its more likely you just have your necked bowed because you put thicker strings you probably just need a set up

but first you kneed to adjust the truss rod to get rid of that bow
there are many guides on ug on how to set up your guitar check the stickies on the forumns
Have you adjusted the truss rod since you put larger strings on?
When you say bowed which way is it bowing ?

Can you post some pic's?
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About the neck. If the bow is even on both the treble and bass side then it's not warped. The truss rod only needs to be adjusted to correct the neck relief. Nothing more. I've seen people trying to set the action with the truss rod and it scared the shit out of me every time :p. You should take a look at the setup thread and learn the basics of setup to keep your guitar tuned.

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Yes, i've tried adjusting the truss rod. it makes no difference. i dont even think it's moving. i've also tried to raise and lower the strings with no luck. As for the bow, i think it's excessively concave and if it's got a twist....it's hard to tell. i think it is a very minuscule bit or maybe not. I can't post any pics right now because i dont have my guitar with me at the moment. But i will when i can.
Are you measuring the relief correctly?
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Adjust the truss rod only a little at a time and then let it sit for a while. Sometimes it needs to settle. Then adjust again.
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What kind of guitar is it? Did you lean it against the amp so the strings are against it?
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Here's the image. And if that doesnt work, here: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?zd333cdb081a192

And yes, i did lean it against my amp before, just with the strings facing away from the amp. My friend told me that's a no-no. I also removed the strings to relieve the tension.
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Looks like an up bow, tighten that truss rod till it's straight with a slight up curve (same way it looks in that picture).
I very much doubt it had anything to do you leaning the guitar on the amp.
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I very much doubt it had anything to do you leaning the guitar on the amp.


Or heavier gauge strings. If that were truly the case I'd suspect you have more severe problems. I'd suggest taking it to a tech since it sounds like you've already tried a few things yourself. Hopefully you can find someone that will let you watch so you can learn a few tricks at the same time.
It is entirely possible that your frets need to be leveled. If that is the case no amount of truss rod adjustment is going to get you low, or even medium, action free of buzz. Take the guitar to a tech to find out what’s wrong.