Greetings, all.

As the title would suggest, I'm a guitarist from Texas looking to join a band. I'm 17, and a junior in high school.

I can play a multitude of different genres, but I generally lean towards the heavier side of the spectrum, and I'm very interested in being innovative and creative.

Anyways, if you're a solo musician looking for someone to start a band with, or there's a band needing a guitarist, please comment!

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That feel when Dallas.

Also, first post. woosh.

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Yeah, you'd think that there'd be more action in a big city like this, but I've had little luck.
Just thank what lord you worship that you aren't in San Antonio. Everyone here is trying to bring back glam and shove nu-metal down our throats.

This place is sad, mayun.
I'm have in some luck in a small nown in NM. Lots of bands here but most are playing the same stuff. My people and I work pretty hard to be different.