Combinations of things you could buy at Wal-Mart to creep out the cashier.

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kids cartoon show on DVD
pocket pussy (do they sell those there?)
water-based anal lube

Make sure everyone knows that your mom is really fucked up and sent her adult son to get her and her 20 y/o boyfriend condoms and ass-lube.
A box of candy, sleeping pills and a mask.
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lube and tissues.

after she/he gives you your receipt, walk away a bit, stop mid-walk, turn around, get your phone out, take a lot of pictures of the cashier, and then walk away.

Best post of the thread.

Even better if the cashier is a guy.
box of condoms, claim the price is outrages, take them back and return to the counter with cling film wrap and rubber bands
Hatchet, rope, whipped cream, condoms, ABBA gold and a snuggie
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anal is quite the experience
Enema kit
Broom handle
Gallon of Crisco
Dog treats
Home pregnancy test
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Shotty, single shell and a book on how to combat suicidal thoughts

There's a good chance that they'll refuse to sell it to you. Big businesses do things like that, believe it or not.
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There's a good chance that they'll refuse to sell it to you. Big businesses do things like that, believe it or not.

really? i didn't know that
1 Wisk
1 Rolling Pin
1 discount DVD player
1 small television
36 feet of chain
20 feet of rope
5 tins of Crisco
1 copy of Fatal Attraction on DVD
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Video camera, and various rape paraphernalia (i.e. rope, duct tape), and some semblance of a woman's maid outfit.

A rope, foot stool, and Bon Iver's For Emma Forever Ago

A bunch of candy and the cheapest disposable razers

A hammer and a blanket

Knee-high socks, and some sort of hard, heavy, round objects (rocks pref.)

I'm sure you can find something in there.
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As a former cashier of Walmart I can say nothing creeped anybody that worked there out. No combination of items warranted a reaction from anybody. When we had down time and would yell talk to each other it was always stuff like, that guys is gonna kill somebody woohoo, or he's taking drugs lol. Nobody gave a f about anything though and that's a key part of working at Walmart.
A box of fruity condoms and a good attitude.

Make eye contact. Be nice. That person will think of you having sex at some point.

Uncomfortability attained.

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Gallon of vegetable oil
Boner pills
Disposable camera
Teenage girl magazines
When I was in college, we went into the local Walmart around 3 am and bought shotgun shells and goldfish. The clerk was more annoyed than freaked out since neither department was manned at the time.
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I bought a blow torch and lotion at 3 AM at a WalMart once. The manager looked at me funny. But I needed the blow torch to get some red loctite off the thing I was working on, and I remembered that I needed lotion, and it was on my way. Back off!
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An enema, a pack of rubber bands, and hot sauce.
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