Ok, this is my 2nd project guitar, and first that I will be doing paint on (i just sealed the wood on my first build)

Anyway, for some background. This is an 80's style Dean Flying V that i've had since I was a young kid. I always planned to work on the guitar, but deassembaly and some light sanding was as far as I ever got. It was never in good shape, but it did have all the hardware when I first got it (2 moves ensured I lost that however). So finally after about 7 years of this guitar floating around in storage, and me acutally forgetting I had it, I stumbled apon it a few months ago. I just finished my first "project" guitar when i found it, so I was in that "whats next" phase. After doing some searching, I decided that this would be my next project. Pictures? ok!

As far as the wood of the guitar goes, it's pretty decent, and a good starting point. The finger board is a little rough, but adds "character" as people say, lol.

So here's my plan:

Keep the color about the same blue and go with all gold hardware.
Obviously its a 2Hum/1V/1T/3way set up
I bought some trial "guitarheads" gold rush humbuckers (we'll see how the work)
Gold "guitarheads" humbucker mounting rings
Wilkinson roto style gold tuners
Wilkinson gold stop piece
Fender 500K pots

The goal here is to have a budget build but playable nice looking V
Comments and or bashing is always welcome.
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sorry, apprently i don't know how to post pics, lol. I think they work now.
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Small update since i last took pics. I also started to get some hardware in as well. I am expecting everything to be here Monday. So I will post pics then.

I was doing some sanding and found a diamond in the rough for this project! I didn't think I would ever get a serial number for it

Progress being made

Took out the old stripped bridge barrels as well. You can see some of the pitting too in this pic.

New parts!

Opened the mailbox today to find it stuffed with a new guitar. Everything but the wood that is. lol.

All I'm missing is the input jack. Gonna head to the store and pick up a sander and start back in on the body.

Progress being made. The pitting was A LOT deeper than i expected. After about and hour + sanding with the 80 grit though, it's all pretty much gone. taking a break before i start to step up the grit of the sand paper.

YAAY nice and smooooooth!

Did a quick test fit after i finished the sodering. Everything seems to be fitting perfectly. Now all that is left is the body work and final reassembly!

My Set Up -
American Strat - Marshall MG100HDFX - Peavy BW Series Cab... All bought broken and brought back to life.
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