Here it is: Young Mind

It has no lyrics, but what do you think? Is it worth trying to get signed to artists, commercials or movies?
I can really hear a rapper rapping over it...
In that sense It's pretty good. By itself I really doubt it.

Great tune though! I really really dig it. Depending on whatever singing would go over it, I could see myself hating it though. As vocals for me usually kill a song sometimes.
Or, could be in a movie

Listening to your other stuff. Really good shit man!
0.19 and 1.39 and again at 3.00 all are examples of an over used unoriginal drum build. I would allow it only once if at all which brings up the point musically that this is painfully repetitive and could have been cut to 45 seconds. The progression you used is also generic. With all that said throw some catchy lyrics in and it could easily be popular.
If you want to shine like the sun first you must burn like it.
It is very difficult to make money with music, especially with illegal downloads, but you never know. Even if you get a record contract, the odds of making decent money are 1,000:1. Van Halen OWED Warner Brothers almost $2 million dollars after their first 2 albums sold millions of copies! Lousy contracts are typical. Your music is pleasant though, I like it. The trouble is you're competing against literally hundreds of thousands of synth songs on the internet (Over 300,000 of them on soundclick.com alone). Have fun with it. I've had 19 songs get radio play and I didn't get paid a penny for it (which is typical). Please review my music at this link:

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