Hello everyone.
I'm at my wits end here. I have been having a problem recently with my rig. About 3-5 times a practice (4 hours), my volume will decrease a lot and I'll lose all my high end. Its such an inconsistent problem though, that I can't pin point it. Here is all the information i've gathered, along with the rig. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me out with ANY and ALL suggestions, ideas, hunches, etc.

My rig:
Strat -> Polytuner -> Tube Screamer -> Big Muff Pi -> Boss Gigadelay -> TC Hall of Fame Reverb -> (Sometimes i plug in an old loop pedal and sometimes I have a Xotic EP booster) -> Blackstar head -> Marshall Cab.

I run my pedals off a Voodoo Lab Power Plus. Yes, the gigadelay is plugged into the slot for extra power. I checked to see if it was this, so i used a one-spot for all the pedals and the problem still occurred.

The information i've gathered so far is:
-when the treble/volume problem happens, i can fix it with a very high treble/volume noise. This is a quick attack using the bridge pickup or the pop of a patch cord being unplugged.
-When using the loop station, if i have something going on when the problem happens, the sound is affected.
-I have bought new cables so I don't think its that.

Any thoughts or suggestions? I'm going crazy.
It's a signal loss. Based on my experience with the same issue coming with pedals that have sketchy power adapter cords, i would think that's at least part of the problem. Run every pedal individually, stomp it on and off a few times to see if you get any crackling or signal loss. How do the wires plugging into each pedal look?
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