This is everyone's favorite song of mine; I play it with my punk band Blacksmithtomahawk. I'm not really sure why though, any insight?


Soundcloud link included because the music is pretty important for the emotional feel of the song.

"The Waitress"

The waitress ain't no friend of mine
But she tells me I look handsome
I see her every Tuesday night and she
Holds my heart for ransom

She comes to every show I play
And sits alone by the side of the stage
To drink her shitty day away
Life sucks when you're making minimum wage

The waitress doesn't like me much
But she tells me I look handsome
I see her every Friday night
That girl is so demanding

I buy her beers and whiskey shots
And tell her that I love her lots
But she won't ever feel the way I do
She hates me and now I hate her too

Im hopeless, but happy and content
Its hopeless, I fell in love again
With another waitress

So I'll buy her beers and fancy drinks
Then sit and wonder what she thinks
Of me and all my stupid friends
I wish she wouldn't pretend that she
hates me