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I have gotten into jazz music, and need a good book with notes and chords (bass line might be good too). I would like to get better at reading notes, so I figure that this is a good way to do it. The music doesn't have to be really easy, but I don't want it to be impossible to play either.

Any suggestions? Needs Notes, chords, and a bass line.

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The Real Book
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As mentioned the Realbook is the place to go. There's a few different volumes, you can buy them in hard copy, or download PDFs of them from various nefarious places around the net
I'd get a regular sight reading book, too, so you have some straightforward, skill-based stuff to read.
As was mentioned, the real book is your best bet. There's also an application called iReal b that is a Real book sans melody, but you can play along with it and transpose to any key.
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Super good learning tool for almost any song in the real book.
ehhh I can't recall if they have the lead sheets on the site though.
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