Hi all
Looking to sell or preferably trade my strat in.
I will be clear now, this is not a Genuine made by fender strat, the parts were all sourced and assembled by TC Ellis guitars of cardiff http://tcellisguitars.com/

Pickups, tone rider pickups

Body, wine red Fender USA body, genuine

Neck, Warmoth Fender replacement neck, Jumbo frets, maple, black dot inlays, this was stupid expensive and is a dream to play, im joking there the feel of this is just perfect,

Hardware, tuners and trem are all Fender Japan parts

Condition, other than finger marks this is in 100% perfect conditions, not even belt rash on it!
Its just over 3 years only, havnt long had a full setup done on it. Its never been gigged, and has only left the house 3 times, its had so little play the original finish on the fret board still shines.


Why am i looking to trade/sale if its so good, to be honest the sound just isnt for me, ive got a Gretsch and i think the sound suits my playing alot better than the Fender, i love playing this guitar but ive never really liked the sound and id rather not go swapping the pick ups out of it.
This was a seriously expensive guitar, as a trade which id rather im looking for or along teh lines of, Epiphone firebird, Fender classic 50's, Fender thunder bird Bass, a nice LP or SG.
but show me what youd like to trade, im not really in to ''pointy'' guitars like Ibanez, Jackson, ESP ect
Preferably PM only and we can try to arrange something
Thanks for Looking