"Well she invited me back to her house. She said she might have AIDS.
I said I really don’t care. And she poured me some lemonade."
- Cranford Nix, 'I Met A Girl At NA'

His song Cigarettes and Heroin(remove parentheses from links):

Here is an artist that I'm sure most of you would enjoy listening to, or at least reading about. So Cranford Nix was this relatively unknown punk artist from the 80's and 90's. Born on January 17th, 1969 in Detroit Michigan, and raised in Berkeley, Michigan. He grew up in a musical family. His father was Cranford Nix Sr., a famous banjo player in the bluegrass world. In fact, he was known as the "Worlds Greatest 10 String Banjo Picker" attributed to his double neck Gibson banjo(supposedly the only in creation). He took guitar lessons and learned to read sheet music, and loved listening to Brian Setzer and the Stray Cats. Phineas Smith, his son, recounted a tale of his father meeting Brian backstage one night after a gig, where Cranford actually weirded out Brian with his knowledge about him. Other influences were Chuck Berry, The Rolling Stones, Johnny Thunders, and Eddie Cochran. He created quite a few bands of his own, The Bedlam Bastards, The Leather Gypsies, Mars Needs Women, The Malakas, and a few more. He usually played at bars and other cheap venues, quite often drawing large crowds. His band mate Tim Steffes even recalled he would walk into bars unannounced and demand to be allowed to play with the promise of attracting huge crowds(which he most often fulfilled). Friends would describe him to be 'funny, loving, and a great person to be around'. And an overall great guy. Lyrics to his songs often related to real life stories(which there were no shortage of). Mental wards, slitting your wrists, teenage prostitutes with STDs, cigarettes, heroin, suicide, spiders, and much more. One could say he was a walking story book, but a book that had been dropped in piss, covered in odd tattoos, and locked in a dark room a few too many times. His musical career started when he was just 17, playing on the streets in Hollywood. He drove there in his '72 Cadillac where he lived off of peanut butter, stolen candy bars, and cigarette butts. All while sleeping in the back seat of his car. He believed to be a great musician, he had to be initiated. And by initiated, he meant, dabbling in drugs and becoming "frazzled". Heroin, speed, meth, and pot were his poisons. He would waste his all of his money simply to get his daily high. At one point, even selling his friends golden tooth for six dollars in hopes of buying his next high. Rehab was often his home, attempting to get himself clean. It failed several times, but he tried and tried again. Finally, he managed to get himself clean and kept himself so for a long time. His music flourished and life seemed to be going well. Unfortunately, it would not be so, on March 12, 2002, he died of an apparent drug overdose in his apartment. He left behind a legacy of great music and great memories for all that knew him. His music is often described as "bar music" or even "acoustic Nirvana" by some. Find out for yourself and try some of his music. If you enjoy it, you can download all of his music for free on his website thanks to his generous family. RIP Cranford 1969 - 2002
Family's Website: cranfordnix(.)com
Tabs: www(.)ultimate-guitar(.)com/tabs/cranford_nix_tabs(.)htm
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Sounds like a loser.

>generous family
>let him fuck up his life

By generous family, I'm referring to his sons, who are in charge of his music and it's distribution. He didn't have much to do with his children while they were growing up to my knowledge. He also wasn't around home much. Lived in various places around the country.
There needs to be tabbing of his lead work with the Makings, he's got this really sick Chuck Berry meets Jimi type thing. Very underrated and not a single tab for any of it.