I know it's just a starter guitar, but I put a few mods into this one. When I got it, it had Epiphone pickups in it, and they sounded like absolute garbage. So I swapped them with Seymour Duncan SH-8 Invaders, Neck and Bridge. Added a kill switch, painted the pickguard. IN the process of buying black hardware. All that's left are the bridge and the tuners. Anyway, here are some pics.
Whole guitar



Shred Monster
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Thanks guys. It plays extremely well for a low end guitar, and with the invaders it has such a thick sound. I know it looks like red and yellow in the pics, but it was taken with a phone... It's actually an orange pickguard with bright green pickups, also not a combination you'd think would work but I've gotten nothing but compliments on it.
Cool axe i to am a fan of the invader pups lots of hate out there for them
because of a certain metal guitarist. Color combo rocks
I was going to say it looks green to me. I actually have a blue one that is pretty much brand new. I got it, played it a few times, and didn't like the way it felt.
Looks like a proper 80's Ibanez! I imagine with a good fret level, a good nut, and a set of locking tuners it would be incredible, especially for its price point.
I guess I got one of the good ones... I have never had it go out of tune, except when changing strings, even with heavy use of the tremolo. I'm planning on getting locking tuners too. For the price, I can't think of anything that beats it.
Nice mods!

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