So for the first time in months I've had some time to sit down and really write music with a free mind.

For some reason, what came to my head was something very grungy/alice in chains influenced.


It's not done yet, and the "lyrics" are completely improvised and make no sense. I just wanted to see what people think of the song so far.

C4C as always, what do you think?
not bad, pretty alternative-ish but still catchy. reminds me of something played on the radio; good tune
I really thought this was a cool tune. I am a huge AiC fan and you even sounded like Cantrell most of the time. I would like to see where this goes.


Wow, this really does sound like Alice in Chains. This sounds very good (drums, guitar, melodies). During the chorus, the vocals are just slightly pitchy at times (that was my first impression, though it seemed less pitchy on second listening), but otherwise the vocals sound very good. I like the guitar riffs & pitch bends. You must make a complete song of this! Please review my music at this link:

yeah this is good man. it sounds like it could be on the radio, the riffs are there and the echoing vocals sound good. it definitely sounds like alice in chains, and starts out with a soundgarden - esque riff. overall, i could definitely hear this on the radio haha your definitely as good as the popular rock artists out there

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