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I'm starting to learn a few of the Stones songs and need to tune to open G. Since there are only a handfull of songs to play in Open G i don't really want to dedicate a guitar to only Open G. I have a Schecter that I have tuned down 2 steps, Is this the guitar I should use for Open G? I have Strat that I'd really like to use on but it has a Tremelo which makes tuning back and forth a pain. The Strat also has 9's on it which i don't think it would work on for Open G. How hard is it really on the guitar if you're tuning back and forth a lot?
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I don't have any problems and I go back and forth on pretty damn odd tunings often.
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as long as youre good with breaking strings on a regular basis, you'll be fine, if not get another guitar
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The guitar should be fine as long as the tunings are not radically different in tension. The strings will go through Hell though.
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