Hey guys, i've honestly tried to figure this out and need your help. I want to play this for my gf for valentines. Can someone try and figure out the chords.
You can hear the song here:
[forbidden link]

I really really would appreciate any help. Thanks!

Here are lyrics:

Once in every life
Love should leave you without a choice
Where the only thing right
Is to follow that still small voice
Once in every day
It should take your breath away
Once upon a time
Should happen once in every life

Once you give it your heart
Without holding back your soul
You can dance in the dark
Cause you're never there alone
Once in every hour
You should feel that healing power
Once upon a time
Should happen once in every life

Once it's stronger than you
There's nothin' else you can do
You stop asking why, just let yourself fly

Once in every life
Love should feel so good you cry
And your only release
Is releasing three small words
Once you hear them out loud
You feel heaven coming down
Once upon a time
Should happen once in every life

Once upon a time
Should happen once in every life
I removed the tab that was here since the original poster never came back to even get it

What I never understood is how someone wants a song really bad and then never comes back and sees if anyone has tabbed the song.... This thread was posted on the 9th of February and here it is 3 days later and The original poster still has not checked back... A simple thank you would be nice after someone goes through the trouble of tabbing the song... This is not the first time this has happened and makes me wonder why I even try to help someone out.... The only reason I did this was because some other people on another website wanted this song....
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^This happens and it is sad. It's probably one of the reasons few requests are tabbed in this section.

There is literally nothing in it for us to help someone out with a song other than being helpful and occasionally learning something while tabbing. So it's kind of silly when you never hear from them again, no question, thanks or any comment. I'd just suggest to not tab requests from randoms/new reg dates unless you've already got it or know how to play the song. Sorry to hear that Don
It is what it is I guess... I personally enjoy trying to figure songs out.... Helps keep me sharp in listening to a song and figuring out how to play it so it isn't a complete loss...like I stated this is not the first time this has happened... But your explanation was very good.... So thanks for your reply.....

By the way, I did tab it and submit it and it was accepted....