Here it is mofos. Enjoy.

Andy Stott- Sleepless
Kishi Bashi- It All Began with a Burst
Pepe Deluxe- A Night and a Day
Max Richter- Spring 01
Carlos Montoya- Farruca
Shugo Tokumaru- Rum Hee
M83- All My Tears Are Becoming a Sea
Amiina- Sexfaldur


Week 1 (09/02) - Will (slipknot5678)
Week 2 (16/02) - David (edgeyyz)
Week 3 (23/02) - Frank (frankv)
Week 4 (02/03) - Me (BenRaah)
Week 5 (09/03) - Dan (Dan_5893)
Week 6 (16/03) - NeutralFan
Week 7 (23/03) - Steve (steve_muse)
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Youtube link will be up soon.
Looking forward to listening to this later. M83 is the only artist here I've heard before so this should be interesting.

I'll report back tonight.
That was great. A couple of them were a little too upbeat for my usual taste but still enjoyable. The Andy Stott track was my favourite by far, I'll definitely be listening to his stuff more.
Not a bad list, but I'll have to give it another listen, as I was busy while listening to it, so some of it went in one ear and out the other. Regardless, it was nice listening to artists I'd never heard that sounded better than expected.
Oh wow, this was neat! I liked the Kishi Bashi or the last track most I think. Most of these tunes were quite out of the ordinary in a different way, which made for a very nice listen. Good job, brahhhh!

Didn't particularly care for the Japanese track, but my inferior mind not appreciating is probably a good sign.
The Andy Stott track is good but when the cockatoo's just staring at me I feel like it's giving me a lapdance and I'm freaking out.

Proud to say that I knew amiina. Hipster pointz. Only 'cause they were Sigur Ros's strings section at one point.

Cool list, Will. The Chinese choon and the flamenco guitar one are my faves.
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