Hi, when i was removing the battery from the 9v connector, one of the connector snap eyes fell off. the wires are fine, it's just that one of the snap connectors got stuck to the battery when i removed it and it popped off. How can I fix it? I don't know how to solder but I am willing to learn. Are there any alternatives? Can i Just superglue the eye back onto the little metal piece on the connector EMG 81/85 Shecter


EDIT/ I put a piece of paper at the back of the battery to push it against the battery compartment so the 9V connector snap eye stays intact with the small metal connector, and the pickup seems to be workign fine. However, are there any dangers or faults likely to occur from this?
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You can buy new battery snaps for about 30c each (probably less). They're really easy to solder on, you just have to match the red wire with the red wire and the black wire to the black wire.

You may not even need to solder (although I recommend you do). If you twist the wires together then heatshrink each one they should stay connected.
Thank you very much mate. I'll look into a soldering iron from jaycar or bunnings warehouse. thank you.
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Make sure its only about 30w soldering iron too

Why do you say that? I use a 45 watter for just about everything,
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