So basically, my dad totally screwed me on my '94 Peavey Reactor build. I did alot of work sanding, and he messed up the stain and made the clear coat bubble. I'm furious, so I'll leave that part be.
Anywho, I found a site called Inzane Decals.
Apparently it's pretty idiot proof. Has anyone had any experience with their products?

I need to get this project rolling quickly. I have a band that I may be joining with intentions to tour soon, and I don't feel comfortable NOT having a back up guitar on hand. I ordered my new bridge, pickup, pickguard, knobs, and control panel for it already, and they'll all get in Wednesday. I planned on having this done the week after Valentines day, but that's literally impossible now, because I have to take it to the shop and get it routed for a hum bucker too.
Do you all think that the decal thing seems legit, or what are my other options to weigh in on ?
Budget is $150 or under. I tried just finding another reactor, and taking the body, but no luck yet.
Guitar gear used:
LTD EC-1000 Sunburst (jb/'59)
'94 Peavey Reactor EMG loaded
Eleven Rack
Crown XLS1000
Avatar Traditional 2x12
Carvin Neo 2x10 and 1x15
Spaun Drum Kit
Just sand that shit out and put a bunch of bumper stickers and hand-drawn wheatpastes on it like Sonic Youth. If your band sounds good it won't matter, and if your band sounds sucky the coolest looking guitar of all time won't make it any better.