Hello, I recently applied to a music high school and I have an audition coming up in a few weeks. It's a pretty competitive school.

I've decided to play "Bold As Love" by Jimi Hendrix (I play it note-for-note, as accurate as I can to the original).

Do you think it's a good choice? Or should I play something else to impress the judges more?

I've been playing for almost six years and I see myself as a proficient musician, so I wonder if "Bold As Love" might be to easy?
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modes are a social construct
Call the school and ask what is appropriate.

We have so many of these threads it's ridiculous. Why would you consult us when we can easily give you an incorrect answer, and you don't get into the school as a result?
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
I auditioned to college with Never Going Back Again by Fleetwood Mac. I chose it mainly because i know i can play it well, and it worked.
It's better to play a simple piece well than to struggle your way through something too hard for you.
I've seen Knights of Cydonia played at a community Battle-of-the-Bands to good results. They didn't win, but it was bad ass.

I can play it note-for-note, Floyd-and-all. I plan on playing it at my school's upcoming show. It's just too good not to.
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depends on what kind of school/program youre trying to get into to. if its like a jazz program, you should probably learn a jazz standard... i really cant think of a school program that would care if you could play a rock song on guitar. they are probably more concerned with your ability to read, improvise, and play tastefully.
Rock guitar is seldom desired, by my experience, in the academic field. They are for more interested in classical music or Jazz. But the above post of "Check the school" is entirely accurate. If you play by ear thats awesome! really it is but you should probably learn to read music, if you do already that's even better.
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If you're going the non-classical route, it would probably be more impressive if you chose a song that is well regarded & well known and played your own version of it (not anything crazy, but not note for note).

chord melodies are pretty highly regarded - if you can voice the vocals as well capture the bass/guitar lines you'll be a shoe-in

but then again that's probably a little out of your range of abilities lol
modes are a social construct