Hello everyone

I'm learning the guitar solo from Make it wit chu by Queens of the stoneage.
Not a very hard solo except for 1 little lick...
this lick: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wTxqHbJOzg

at 2:46

I've looked for tutorials but can't find any, also the tab on ultimate guitar tabs is not accurate as well I guess...

Here's a slow version:


at 1:04

Please help me out

Thanks in advance
sounds like:


this is based off the QOTSA version, not that kid's. i'm not sure he's playing it correctly.

here's me playing it at tempo and slowed down:

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Pff that little thing is so hard, especially the speed...
anyway that sounds kinda accurate, thanks
^ my rhythm might have been a bit off by the time i recorded it, but i'm like 90% certain the notes are correct.

and no problem. it's a great tune.
Thanks! that's brilliant, much better than the boy's slower version...
One last minor question, when you have to strum the 7th fret twice (the 1st one after the slide, the 2nd one before the bend), do you strum it twice? because it's kinda fast to just strum it...
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