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and i crank it for my band. love the sound. but i do like jamming clean too. but band wise anyone play with full dist/fuzz?
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Used to but then I started playing basses with a clean tone far too nice to **** with.

That said, I have an EB0 that I bought specifically to the fuzz the **** out. Incidentally, very nice choice on the El Grande bass fuzz, Terrible choice on the ODB3.
the great dissapointment
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i actually like the one of the two together. the fuzz seemed to miss a little something and then i added my old reliable, just pure greatness...at least in my opinion.
fender aerodyne jazz bass>mxr el grande bass fuzz>boss odb-3>dunlop crybaby bass wah>randall rba 500 es/ampeg 8x10
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Well, I'm not primarily a bass player (I'm primarily a guitar player; don't hate), but when I record I always have a distortion track.
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I do like a bit of grit. I wouldn't want to use it all the time though; clean bass has its place.

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I use a fuzz face with the volume turned all the way up and the fuzz knob turned all the way down. adds just a little bit of grit to the tone
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i used to put just a hair of distortion on my bass tone in my old band. just because i was playing a passive P with pretty old school pickups and they wanted that kind of hot, modern, active tone.
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i recently - as in about 10 minutes ago - found a nice crunch setting on my sansamp and i can see myself using it more often than not, but clean is always a nice thing to use and lends itself to a whole lot of styles
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I used to use it a lot more than I do now, these days most of my tone comes from my VT pedal, but if I do want fuzz I can get a really ballsy, heavy QOTSA stylee one from my English Muff'n, or a nasty harsh distortion tone from my Jekyll and Hyde with the Hyde side tweeked, the Muff'n and VT don't gel to well together though...so its one or the other
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For some blues stuff we play, a touch of distortion. However, for the gritter stuff, I'm rather addicted to a full on distortion to the point where I'm probably getting a bit too over the top.
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I play with it on occasion. I prefer a natural growl rather than distortion though.
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Me, I have my Orange Terror Bass with the gain and mids maxed, and the bass and treble all the way off, and then the 'clean' I send through the PA is with a Hartke Bass Attack pedal, which is set with the harmonics at full, and then the blend almost all the way over. We've only got the one guitarist, so I'm the one left to pick up the slack.
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My primary tone has a touch of distortion, but just a touch.

I try to use really heavy tones as tastefully as I can and with the band-thing I'm in currently that's only sometimes. When I do, though, it's awesome.
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As with many others I usually have it on, but almost never cranked.