I have a Bugera V5 tube amp and I am still new to all what gear to purchase. I am basically looking to play blues rock, but I also want a pedal or two to play come close to capturing the tone of bands such as dinosaur jr, pink floyd, black sabbath... Obviously I know it won't be exact but something to come close. Would this be a fuzz pedal and a treble booser?
A Big Muff would probably be a good start
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Quote by ma_tt11
A Big Muff would probably be a good start

Awesome. I had that in mind. Wasn't sure which one to buy with the myriad options out there... Suggestions?

I read Ram's Head may be the one I am after. I assume it's not in circa anymore and a secondhand will cost me $$$ If that's not an option, the Wicker then?

^ +1

More adjustable Russian Muff.
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We'll need a budget.
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There are so, so many great fuzzboxes out there that will help you get close to most of those sounds. Your best bet is to start checking out videos and seeing which one you think would fit YOU the best.
I think that musket fuzz is exactly what I had in mind. I had to change my pants after listening to that one! Thanks yall
I bought the musket fuzz and I like it a lot! Though, I am trying to get that gilmour sound from the 'have a cigar' solo and I am not having much luck. The tone has a is very piercing, sharp quality to it that I am not getting.

Can someone give an example of what the Rangemaster treble booster tone should sound like in early Black Sabbath? Does Tony Iommi have the pedal on the entire time for the song or just for a few solos?

Sorry if these are dumb questions, I am still trying to figure out how this all works. It can be confusing when you consider that tone comes from the interplay of the pickups, amp, pedals (and to a lesser extent, the strings and guitar).