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Not sure. Writing an essay during the day, then probably going to the pub with a uni society, who may go clubbing afterwards. Not sure if I'll go with them, because not pulling on Valentine's Day seems like it'd be orders of magnitude worse than not pulling normally.
Took the day off to be with my girlfriend all day, probably going to the cinema (we were going to see Movie 43 but it looks awful so we'll probably see Flight or something). Then a doctors appointment.

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Might go on a date with this girl. Probably won't lead to anything.
Afterwards I'll probably be getting high, because I feel like if I get drunk I'll end up getting depressed.
Marching in this labyrinth village
Troll-king claims his maverick throne
Wretching in his cavernous castle
Chewing on flesh, gnawing on bones!
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Dentist, then military training night.

So yeah, that's gonna go down easy with the girlfriend.
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It's just like any other liquor.

I was always under the impression that it was what caused Beethoven to cut off his ear but your comment made me research that and it's not true and I hate you because I'm not as excited now.
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Don't be ludicrous, lushacrous.
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that joke regarding your username was NOT originally posted by blake1221. That was a Gunpowder original.

I've got a date with a bottle of Captain Morgan and Rambo movies.

Just to keep Valentines Day out of my mind.
Posting disgusting and inappropriate "Roses are red" poems on Facebook and Twitter all day.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
What will it take
To penetrate you?
I shall grant you three wishes.

None of which will work.

Does the above post enrage, offend or confuse you?


I like my women how I like my guitars. Curvy and like it when I finger them.
I have to work the evening, which is kind of lame. But I'll probably see a girl I like before then.
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I was going to go to a BTBAM/ CC concert, but I couldn't
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Seeing Between The Buried and Me and Russian Circles with my girlfriend.

LOL @ whywefight

I am going to a lil concert on the 13th to try and get a date for vday, if it don't work then I guess I'm spending it with u losers.
FIFA Thursday stops for nothing. I'll be sat in my mate's bedroom in my joggers, smoking and playing FIFA.
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How are ya gonna do it?

Take her to a nice restaurant (found a great Greek place) and get down on one knee after the entree.
Listen to depressing music all day or camping in a laboratory.

Such is the life.
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Banned because f*ck you Hebriqui.
I'd been going for a month or so.

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oh **** you
find me
somebody TOOO

find me
somebody TOOO

find me
somebody TOOO

find me
somebody TOOO

Can anybody find meeeeeeee.....


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Probably spend an inordinate amount of time with my girlfriend and make bad sex jokes all night.
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I'll Love You! 🐙


Same I usually do, drink and stay on the Pit. No bother, I don't get bothered by valentine's day anyway.
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I'll be proposing to my girl. So, yeah...

Good luck mate!
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Take her to a nice restaurant (found a great Greek place) and get down on one knee after the entree.

D'awww. Good luck! ;D
Nursing the hangover from my Birthday the day before.
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Quote by crazysam23_Atax
I'll be proposing to my girl. So, yeah...

Good luck, guy

This Valentine's Day, it'll be A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD
Gonna perform this big cheesy romantic gesture for this girl I've been talking to, hoping it works
I'M FAT!!!!
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And a 2-liter bottle of Shasta.

Mah nigga, das da life!

But serious answer: I got this coffee "date" planned with two guys. Thing is, they both speak Spanish, so we are all gonna speak Spanish to improve our Spanish. No homo.

There's this girl I'm meeting on Friday, whom I'm totally pinning for, but doing something with her on Thursday seems too much. I've not received enough signals yet...
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Wtf how are you doing that?!

i'll tell if you promise to love me until friday 😻😻

watching Comic Book Men.

She's so pretty in her casts
The prettiest thing I've ever seen
I only get to hold her when she's injured
I only get to kiss her where she's sore
I've got a date with my right hand.

I hope nobody made that joke already.
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I love you bro. I'd totally turn gay for you after that.

November 13th, 2011. Nodincap.

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