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I may or may not see my girlfriend. She said she wasn't much for valentine's day and I was too tired at the time to understand if we made plans or not, but I'll hear with her tomorrow.
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No. Tell me anyways.

it's called emoji. luf me pls bb? :c

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it's called emoji. luf me pls bb? :c

I greatly thank you.

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Holy Shit, it's Kensai.

Just visiting
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I greatly thank you.



now excuse me, i got some lonely to do

Class all day, consisting of calculus and classical mechanics and then I will spend the rest of the night having a meeting with one of my committees, because we are a sad bunch like that.

So the upside is that I finally have plans on valentines day, but it isn't actually related to it at all.
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find me
somebody TOOO

find me
somebody TOOO

find me
somebody TOOO

find me
somebody TOOO

Can anybody find meeeeeeee.....


I think your issue is actually finding someone to love you back
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School, then work, then going home and not giving a **** about Valentine's Day because I'm single and it's a holiday created by greetings card companies.
out with the girlfriend before/after valentines day since restrauns will be too packed and i have work
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Lady's working and I have school so I'll be celebrating on Saturday. Going out some place nice. Coming back, putting a playlist of all our favorite mushy songs and then touches faces.
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I think your issue is actually finding someone to love you back

will you?

please? please? is nafink onley deh smell

Feel bitter and lonely but also kinda glad I don't have to partake in any valentines day shenanigans. I'll probably get drunk as well.
Well me and this girl im talking to think it's a stupid holiday, but we both wanna get laid. So we're doing that
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There's a girl i like but i'm not entirely sure of the situation at the moment, so i will most likely be single on valentine's day. I am going to meet up with a female friend who i haven't seen in ages, i used to have a thing for her but now i'm over it. After that i'm working, then in the evening i will either go out for a drink, or stay at home and watch a film.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
writing a song about being alone on valentines day ;_;
you're a stone fox
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you're such an emo
lel go cut urself fag

you're a stone fox
Listening to a bunch of pissed off punk, thinking about how shit valentines day is. For me.
Well, it seems highly likely my gf will be at jury service for Valentine's Day, so other than exchanging minor gifts there's not likely going to be much done on the day.
Hey, look. Sigs are back.
Being single.. again... Doesn't even phase me anymore though, so whatever...
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sleeping. i'll just let all the bullshit couples have their one day where they actually act like they care about each other. sad that some people need a special day to remind them they need to love their significant other.
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Sitting at home being forever alone
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LOL manlet
I work in a restaurant, so I'm cooking a romantic dinner for a bunch of people. Then going home to watch the best Valentine's Day movie I know: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
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writing a song about being alone on valentines day ;_;

we could collaborate, depending on how shit goes

so possibly
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double date with my girl. my drummer gots a lady so were hitting up the local hookah bar. love girls that are not high maintenance.
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I work in a restaurant, so I'm cooking a romantic dinner for a bunch of people. Then going home to watch the best Valentine's Day movie I know: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Reminds me that I need to watch that.
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I confessed my love for this girl in a drunken stupor recently, it may or may not evolve into something romantic but I doubt it.
Won't be different than any other day.

Unless all day everybody around will be happy and in love and will rub it in my face, in that case i'll drink.
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I'll probably have a normal day. My girlfriend and I both hate Valentine's Day.
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brot pls
HOLY ****ING ****** ***** **** SHIT!

Just found out that my gf actually expects something today, I'm broke and ages away from her and quite frankly I've got no ************ing idea what to do.

Happy valentines day y'all! I'm off to horribly disappoint a beautiful young lady now.
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i know what i'll be listening to

I think I'm just gonna try and not make to big a deal of Valentine's Day and remember all the love I DO have!