hey guys just a quick question , how easy is it to manually install new pick ups in a guitar... example being if i where to buy an epiiphone and wanted to install it with proper gibson pickups, would it be an easy D.I.Y project? or is there a chance i could wreck the whole guitar?
It's not like Lego. You need to have a basic to good understanding of soldering, electronics or you'll mess shit up.

I'm trying to find a guide but I can't find it. Personally I don't bother, I normally break anything I try to fix.
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Installing pickups doesn't take long if you know what you're doing. Simple soldering is all it is realy. Most pickups come with installation diagrams as well..
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As long as you have some basic soldering skill it should be an easy swap.

Especially if they have the same # of wires as the originals. Just make note where each wire goes on the originals and put the wire from the new one in the same place.
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give it a shot, should learn how to do it sometime. Before i did my first pickup swap i did lots of practice soldering. Make sure you get the proper gauge solder (i use the stuff with the flux core so it is super easy for guitar work. when you are in there you can also paint the cavity with the shielding paint. perfect time to upgrade. Double check the pot and caps that are currently in the guitar work well with the new pickups also to get the best outcome.
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use rosin core flux for wiring only ... and DON'T use acid core flux , it will make the connection turn green with age/ time ..... have a very hot soldering iron and use plenty of flux ..... I have never soldered pick-ups myself but have lots of expeirence soldering wiring harness for automotive related vehicles
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Most new sets have those auto slips that are suppose to be sauderless installs. But if you went and got a kit to sauder, and just practiced on a piece of wood making sure you don't go overboard with the stuff, I think you'll be fine.

I first learned by using my cheap $80 guitar that is a literal no-brand strato-copy from RC Willey door buster deal, and did step by step with what I would with another guitar. Like taking photos and writing down where everything goes, then unhooking things and saudering in the new ones.

Its like putting on window wipers, its not a real hard concept to grasp, its just terribly difficult to do without knowing what your doing...or where to start.

If you do what I did, then when you sauder on a guitar you actually like, it isn't as nerve racking. So go spend $50 at the pawn shop and get yourself a frankestein if your really worried..