I'm looking for a new bass. I'm going to spend about $500-$1000. Maybe a little more, but I prefer not to. I'm currently playing a fender usa standard jazz. It's a great bass, but I want a bass that will give me a more modern slap tone. I've been looking at the ibanez sr500. I've checked out some youtube videos, but I'm not impressed (I havn't tried it myself, though). I'm looking for one with active pickups (preferably soapbars, but regular humbuckers will do), a decent preamp (does not have to be anything fancy), 24 frets, preferably a somewhat slim neck. I'm not sure if I'm going to get a 4 or 5 string, but that's somewhat besides the point. Any suggestions?
can you give a reference track to the type of tone you're after? off hand, the yamaha rbx 375 (or 374 for that matter) sounds pretty modern IMO, has 24 frets, dual humbuckers on board high/low eq. i haven't played another bass in a while so i can't compare it to others in terms of neck width but i'm pretty sure ibanez basses are renown for their thinner necks. don't just write something off based off a youtube video. many of those will have over compressed sound and won't show the 'character' of the instrument. definately try out as many basses as you can.
I'm a big Sandberg fan, I don't know what they go for stateside, but I picked up my Ken Taylor model a few years ago brand new for about £800...2 humbuckers, active/passive switch, coil tap and a lovely 3 band pre-amp. Can get that classic jazz tone, or a ripping punchy, bright modern slap sound, plus every sound in between!
Maybe look at Warwicks? Or something by Musicman? A lot of people love the slap sound of a stingray! What amp are you using? Pedals etc?
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Ibanez ATK800 would be as good bass, but has a very similar neck to the Sr500. Sounds really good on slap though.
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