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Just like stated. How difficult is it to fix a broken headstock? Is this something that requires a high level of skill? I have glued a set neck guitar before, so I do have basic knowledge. Thanks.
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Depends on how badly broken it is and where exactly the break is.
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Right around the truss rod, behind the nut. Fingerboard and nut are still in place. I was planning on bidding on it and fixing it. Everything else is in good shape. My thought was, and this is sight unseen, that a break in that area could somehow mess with the truss rod.
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I'm not sure that the break would not in itself ruin the truss rod, but the way it was broken may have damaged it as well. As long as there is nothing wrong with the truss rod, it is possible to glue a headstock back together with some strong wood glue, maybe drill a couple of dowels in there if the headstock is totally broken off.

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