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Thought you all might find this a bit... amusing:

Richard Clayderman is a famed French pianist who has released multiple albums and compilations of some of the most beauteous music ever composed. His newest stunt, put together by his record company and the London zoo, however, have some people scratching their collective heads.

This past Thursday, Mr. Clayderman played his music to a unique audience: tortoises. Why exactly did he do this? According to the Associated Press, it was "an attempt to put the reptiles in the mood to mate."

He serenaded the animals with "Ballade pour Adeline," one of his most famous pieces, then "Chariots of Fire." Unfortunately for the tortoise race, the music "did little to lift their spirits," and their interest only piqued "when zookeepers brought them some carrots."

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I wonder how many carrots they could have bought instead of bringing old frenchy mcfrenchenheim in to hit some keys.
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Too bad tortoises don't have ears..
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It's a 2-way street man. I hire turtles to sexually arouse me all the time.
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I read this as

Zoo Hires Famed Pianist to Sexually Abuse Tortoises
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Whatever rocks their van
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Of course.
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I'd be pretty sexually aroused too if I had a nice big carrot inside me.
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Zoo Hires Famed Penis to Sexually Arouse Tortoises

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If all it takes is carrots, what made them think they needed a pianist?
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I'm more amused by the aggressive advertising of aggressive conservative t-shirts and bumper stickers.
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Wouldn't it have been cheaper to just set up some speakers? I guess they have trouble trying to keep them from going extinct and stuff though, so whatever works.
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This is bollocks, he say's his dog sit's by the piano - I don't know about you guys but when I'm rocking wood I don't feel the need to sit by a piano - how is that an example of sexual arousal in animals
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#17 basically, they paid this guy a wad of cash to play the piano, in the hopes that it would arouse the tortoises. He probably was laughing his ass off all the way to the bank.