Hey I am thinking about buying an old Marshall cab and doing it up, ie re-tolexing it and replacing the missing badges etc, and I am trying to find tolex for cheap. I want it to be black and enough for a marshall 1960b or 1960a cab. Where should I buy it from? I looked on ebay and the cheapest I could find it for was £50 (although it was that wide, it could cover two cabs but this isn't very useful for me). BTW I live in the UK and posting from the US isn't an option!
Get some truck-bed liner and paint the cab with it. way more durrable than tolex and it is no more expensive (it runs $50ish here in the USA).
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You can find Tolex at pretty much any fabric store around and a bunch of places online. It usually runs about $15-$20 a yard depending on what type you want. You'll need to measure out the surface area of the cab and just order how much you need.

I'd check this place out http://www.mojotone.com/amp-parts/Tolex-and-Tweed

Here's a good DIY video on how to do it. It's not that hard, really.

You don't necessarily need to use Tolex. Any type of fabric will do. I know a few guys who just used old carpet or fabric they found at the store.... It's really up to you as long as it will stick to the enclosure.
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