I have seen these two baritone guitars which are Schecter Hellcat and Danelectro Dead On 67` and have really caught my eye.
Are there any similar guitars with the similar specs and scale lengths (30 and 29)?
Do any of you guys have them?

I am looking for some guitars that are vintage like, not some baritone metal guitars.

Even thou I am more of an metal player and alike, this type of guitar could very well be the next included into my collection.
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Fender has two 30" baritone models in production right now, a Telecaster and a new pawnshop series offset that was just announced at Namm. Gretsch makes one, although IIRC the Gretsch now comes set up B–B instead of E–E.
I totally forgot Agile! Agile seems to go through two baritone designs a year, and most of them are sweet. They definitely deserve a look.
Fender make a baritone Blacktop Telecaster. Making a Fender guitar into a baritone is really easy as all you do is add two frets and you instantly have a 28.625" scale neck that intonates perfectly. Several companies make replacement necks which will fit any 25.5" scale Fender body to turn it into a baritone guitar; you could get a classic Fender body and add one of these neck for an instant baritone 'vintage' guitar.

Otherwise, Schecter certainly are your best bet. They make several 30" guitars, thanks to The Cure using them extensively.

You might want to check out the Fender Bass IV (or copies of it), which is a 30", 6-string guitar and is what most of the Schecter designs are based off of. Most of these are aimed at having a very specific,, more bass-like tone, though, commpared to the Schecters which sound more like regular electric guitars, just with a much lower tuning.
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About the Agile thing, I live in Sweden so we don`t have any Agiles here unfortunately.
Thanks for the tips guys!
My main interest is the Schecter Ultra IV right and also the Baritone Telecaster because I`ve always wanted a Tele guitar.
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If you live in Sweden, then you need to check out the new Hagstrom Semi-Hollow Viking Baritone.
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Danelectro has more of them, I think all of their models also have a baritone alternative, but in very limited numbers though.