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Hey guys,
I am curious if anyone has used a fanned-fret acoustic or knows anything about them? I've been watching some artists use them lately and hear that they help keep the strings intonated better. If thats the case I really want to look into possibility getting a custom built acoustic with these fanned-frets.
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nothing to do with intonation, more ergonomics, even string tension and optomized 'tone' on all strings, bass strings are tighter and more responsive, while the high strings are also at normal tension.

basically just the best of both worlds of different scale lengths.

i know a few acoustic builders who will do fanned frets.
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I recently got a custom 7=string fan-fret from Emerald. I thought that the fans would be the harder of the two deviations from standard to deal with, but it was the extra string. I hardly noticed the difference in the frets, it seemed so natural to my wrist. You get better tensioning on the strings, and a better low end. I'm new here, it seem that links are banned? You can see my build on the emerald site, along with a lot of other exotica. ( They make all their instruments in carbon fiber!) emeraldguitarsdotcom