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I love the feel of the strings on my nylon-stringed classical guitar. It's very smooth and almost slick against my fingers. However, that says the opposite of the nickelwounds on my electric. Is there a way to achieve the smoothness of the classical guitar on my electric? Or what set of electric guitar strings feels the smoothest and slickest?
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Mmm, D'Addario Half Rounds?
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GHS Fast Fret String cleaner.
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Quote by ragingkitty
GHS Fast Fret String cleaner.


That ish is great. Use it all the time. That plus some Elixirs would be slick as shit with a lot of fibre in it.
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Cobalt strings maybe?

Dat butter...
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Elixirs? I've found they're a little smoother than D'addarios and ernie balls i'd used before, they last a bit longer. I wouldn't say they're smooth like nylon strings though.
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Quote by cdr_salamander
Cobalt strings maybe?

Dat butter...

+1 for Cobalt. I like my Ernie Ball Cobalt strings, they're really smooth FOR electric guitar strings. They are not going to be as smooth as nylon strings, that'd be insane. I like to have some grit.
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Ernie Ball Flatwound Jazz strings always seemed really smooth to me. That would be the closest to nylons in my opinion.
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d'addario exl116's. its like somebody rubbed vasoline all over them. (insert wanking off joke here)
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Polyweb elixirs. Slickest strings I've come across.
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Quote by bburritt1
Polyweb elixirs. Slickest strings I've come across.

this is what i would recommend too. If you want strings that feel slick (and stay that way for a very long time) but still want the round-wound tone, Polywebs are the best choice imo.

The wound strings have a polymer coating wrapped around the windings which makes them feel very slick and smooth, and the plain strings never seem to develop a rough surface due to the rust-proof plating.

only problem is, polywebs are only available in 2 gauges (9-42 or 10-46) and aren't widely distributed outside of north america
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Kerly strings, I got some with my Lace pickups and they're the best I've ever used really smooth and sound good for a long time.
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Elixers or DRs coated, smooth and last a long time.

Cobalts felt rough to me and corroded way too fast. So I would disagree with those
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Quote by gerraguitar

This. Flatwounds feel amazingly smooth.
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D'addario makes a dependable Jazz flatwound. I've always bought the 13s for when I'm feeling them and always slap em on a Tele. I have a suspicion that the super light gauge (8-38) feel smoother than heavier gauges, aswell.

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Gonna disagree with the cobalt strings. They felt pretty rough and dry when I tried them. Either get some fast fret, or try flatwound strings. Flatwound strings tend to sound a lot darker though.
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