Hi, i sing in a hard rock band (vocals like nirvana, foo fighters etc). Im a bass
/baritone, going from C# (two octaves below middle c) to E (right over middle c). Im not that great singer, so i want to: get better at singing overall, get better at falsetto/head/mixed voice and get a wider range (in the upper register).
I tought if i used 10 minutes of vocal exersizes to improve my singing every day, i would have a concistency that i would benefit alot from in tge long run. So for 10 (or 15 mins a day), what exersizes shuld i be doing to benefit most of? Thanks
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I'm not a singer, but I do vocal training on daily basis (approx. 30 min / day). I use David Lucas Burge course on Perfect and Relative pitch. Basically he gives you some exercesises to do on each lesson - sometimes differnt for each kind of instruments you play. Before taking this lessons I was barely able to sing a clear pitch in range from low A to high E. What I do now is just singing some intervals (mainly perfect 5ths and 4ths) and for the most time of traning I just play random intervals (from minor 2nd up to octave + perfect 5th) and chords with 3 notes trying to hear and sing each pitch separately. After a couple of days I'm able to sing from low G to high F# and for sure I can go in like a month to low F# to high G. Maybe try some of this exercises or take a look on the course I mentioned.
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10 minutes isn't very long. Thats not even long enough to warm up your voice really. I'd shoot for 30 to 60 minutes using a good singing program, theres many out there. I can reccommend Singing Success since ive seen good results from it. I should also reccommend first that you see a vocal coach if you take singing seriously, best results come from a coach.
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I'm not saying I'm a good singer and I have taken no formal training. But for me, singing in the car, with music playing that I like, while I am commuting helps me. Some people laugh at me (in other cars), or smile; I don't mind.