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Just my two cents - ESP M-II - I picked up mine a few months ago. Got it used, NTB with EMG's and OFR for $1000.

Keep an eye out for used stuff in your area. I find these creeping up in my area all the time (usually with sellers trying to get about $1.25k) and you can always swap out the pups if you don't like them.

For what its worth, best super-strat I've owned.

I don't think he wanted EMGs.
Right, but he could still do a pickup swap.
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True, and that would probably be the best option for him really i suppose. Especially since he seems to be mostly finding guitars with active pups.
I appreciate all the responses. I looked at all the suggested links. I really liked that ESP LTD Elite, but it's $1500.

Anyways, I think I'm going to go with a BC Rich Zoltan. Their "OFR" is korean, but I can live with that. I just didn't want a cheap one that would go out of tune after a dive bomb. I had an Ibanez RG that couldn't keep tuned for the life of it, it had an Edge 3 trem.

But, the BC Rich has the korean OFR, neck-thru build, rockfield mafia pups and gotoh tuners, I believe. Bot a bad package overall.
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Late 80's Kramer Focus and American series. All came with original W. German OFR's and the Americans all had SD pickups. All MIJ and most can be had for less than 500 with OHSC.

I would agree with this. Even though they aren't "new", the majority of them have an OFR and do not have EMGs. You can either buy an American series with Seymour Duncans or you can buy the MIJ Japan Focus series (1000, 2000, 3000) for around $300-$450 and upgrade the pickups to your own personal tastes.
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The EBMM Axis uses an EBMM Licensed Trem and the Schecter Synyter Custom uses a FR1000 (which is NOT an OFR).

But yes, USA EVH Wolfgangs (and I think the Peavey Wolfgangs) come with OFRs

The EBMM LFR is a Gotoh made unit, which is as good if not better than the OFR.
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Does it have to be OFR? There are plenty of great trems that are made by other companies like Gotoh or a lot of Ibanez trems.
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Does it have to be OFR? There are plenty of great trems that are made by other companies like Gotoh or a lot of Ibanez trems.

No, not necessarily. I just don't want a POS trem. The korean "OFR" or 1000 trems seem to be well regarded.
Well my two favourite trems would be the ZR trem on most of the Ibanez S series its just so smooth and the Gotoh trems again really smooth and sound really good. I played the Suhr Rasmus which had a Gotoh and the whole guitar was really really nice might want to check that out but I think I'm all out of ideas haha.
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