Hi everyone! I'm Filip, from Croatia, 23 years old. I've been playing guitar for 8 years, and since all I ever played was pretty much hard rock and blues I knew very little about music theory and well, I can't do most of the techniques people use on the guitar. After watching Jason Becker's Not Dead Yet I got an enormous amount of motivation to start learning and practicing properly. A few days ago I saw a competition where you had to make up a 15sec solo, without any backing tracks or rhythm guitars, just the lead guitar and even though I'm not expecting anything form the competition and my entry, I got an idea which I think is a good way to a)see your development over time, b) test your theory knowledge c)motivate yourself.

Anyway - add this to the youtube, and everything about my idea is in the video description:

I hope you like the idea, and that I can help other people who are learning just as I am.
Any comments and suggestions will be appreciated!
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Edit this into the OP instead: /watch?v=Jti8iefanRY

Actually liked it a lot, looking forward to the next bits!
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Did it, thanks! (although, you could see the link?)
Thanks for the comment, hopefully it will help at least one person other then myself, and I also hope it doesn't take too long to finish (probably will be a longer period of time since I plan to learn and practice a lot of stuff, and I want it to be a job well done, rather than a job done fast).

Uhm... I could use some help already, actually...
Since I only planned to do a rhythm guitar for the next part (probably will rename this part to prologue, and the next one will be part 1), and write down which chords are used and why, what else should be mentioned in the analisys of a song (or in this case, a melody)? Except for the key, minor/major, parallel major/minor scale and basic stuff like that (sorry if I'm missing some of the proper english terminology for music theory).