You spire through mists and reason
For who knows how long I've been
Here, painting
The world
Above and below
With only a
White blank frame to stare at
But, a view more
Than anything I could

My words for this inspiration
Would be that of
Moon walkers saying
"I wish to see the world as it is"
And I, the mere painter and backpacker
To mark my pilgrim
Right here
On top
One stroke at the time
Would be a venture beyond if so...

So the question is
Why do we strive to reach
Something, which is not
But right in front us?

I gave myself that task
At this age of mine
To do something of worth
So I faced the vastness
With just a brush and a palette
Channeling my hands
The hour
Before it became ice
Doing what had to be done"

"Alone, but at peace
I watch
As the galaxy keeps going
Like an carousel sinking
Ever deeper

For those who,
If my frozen body should be found
You will know
A smile is all it takes
To know what happiness is
I dedicate this spiral legacy
To you who so bravely fought

Was it worth it?
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An interesting conceit - the way it separates the artistic persona from his surroundings in interesting. I enjoyed it.